Computer and Internet Law: a step ahead

Always with one step ahead, the Firm is committed to anticipating your computer and Internet projects’ risks and to securing them.

With the strength of nearly twenty years of experience in Computer and Internet Law, AURELE IT has a deep knowledge of the IT industry and masters up-to-date case law, state of the art and best practices.

The Firm provides you with innovative and effective solutions specifically tailored to your  business needs which ensure you a major competitive advantage.

The Firm handles regularly:

  • agreements’ draft and negotiation regarding:

- Information Systems provision;

- Software development, distribution or integration (such as software licence or maintenance agreements ) ;

- Cloud Computing agreements ;

- Business Process Outsourcing ;

- IT charters.


  • ​all legal aspects regarding privacy and personal data protection (including data collection and processing as well as relations with the CNIL - French Commission for the Protection of Data and Liberties);


  • consulting and contracts’ draft and negotiation regarding digital law Website creation and hosting ;

- E-business: general conditions of sale, conditions of use, privacy policy;

- Liability arising from distribution of information online;

- Electronic signature.