Commercial law

Commercial litigation :
Florence Ivanier has an extensive experience of litigation and a deep understanding of the strategic issues at stake. The firm anticipates disputes management and opts for settlements when it enters its clients’ business interests.
Insolvency proceedings :
With the strength of 15 years of practice in insolvency proceedings, Florence Ivanier assists judicial trustees, debtors, managers, or creditors  in the implementation of various proceedings. Ms Ivanier regularly takes part in the seminars of the National Council of Judicial Trustees (see her last presentation here)
In particular, Aurele IT :
Advises managers in implementation of various proceedings pursuant to the French Business Safeguard Act and to the most recent reforms;
  •  Assists them in their relations with receivers, and trustees;
  • Assists and represents them before French Commercial Courts against public sanctions, as the case may be (such as prohibitions on  managing).