Décideurs Leaders League 2023 Ranking

Aurele IT is honored to make the Leaders League 2023 ranking as one of the Best Law Firms in the Innovation, Technology and Telecoms category :

🏅 Recommended practice in the Data Protection Law

🏅 Valuable practice in IT, Software & Digital Projects

This distinction rewards my work advising French and International clients in Digital Law and Data Protection since 1995.



They express their satisfaction


Anne Roumanoff, president of the Association Solidarité avec les soignants (Solidarity with caregivers )

Témoignage d'Anne Roumanoff Association Solidarité avec les soignants

“Florence Ivanier assisted my organization ‘Solidarité avec les soignants’ as a pro bono counsel overseeing the implementation of GDPR on our website.

I am most impressed by her deep competence, efficiency, great listening skills and attention to detail, all invested with calmness and kindness.

In addition to being highly knowledgeable in digital, her curiosity and empathy enable her to quickly grasp the characteristics and stakes of each project.’ (LinkedIn recommendation)”

Linkedin profile of Anne Roumanoff


James Barbour, director, commercial contracting at Automation Anywhere

James Barbour, Automation Anywhere“Florence is a trusted and highly skilled legal adviser to us on all matters of data protection as well as French IT commercial contracting law. She is a highly competent negotiator and brings a calm and measured manner to all negotiations, repeatedly able to de-escalate tensions and find a constructive solution to help both parties. She works hard to ensure appropriate thoroughness is brought to bear, but is also very mindful to find the fastest way to a solution without extending negotiations, often challenging our own organisation to adopt more market- and client-friendly approaches suitable for the region.’ (Linkedin recommendation)”

Linkedin profile of James Barbour


Brankiça Pavlovic, project director at PayJob group

Brankiça Pavlovic

The company I had cofounded had developed an application SaaS in the HR sector. I was looking for a counsel to assist us in drafting a template contract and in the same time I was in the midst of negotiating a major agreement with an international bank & insurance company.

We needed to work with an attorney specialized in IT, able to understand GDPR goals and negotiate with foreign companies. Florence Ivanier rose to the challenges, she displayed great abilities in defending our interests facing a customer which weighed more than our start-up in the negotiation. In addition, her expertise in IT, strong knowledge of GDPR impacts and domain expertise including bank sector’s regulations have proven to be invaluable assets. Beyond these indisputable technical skills, Florence demonstrated great listening abilities, empathy and perseverance: I recommend her anytime I can because her guidance and her advice are priceless!”

Linkedin profile of Brankiça Pavlovic



They trust us

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a global leader in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and the pioneer of the digital workforce.  Mission : Tech contracts and data protection

Automation Anywhere website

Follow Analytics

Follow Analytics is a global leader in new generation Mobile Marketing Automation. Mission: External Data Protection Officer

FollowAnalytics website


Bryj is one of the leading providers of next-generation Mobile Marketing Automation solutions.

Mission: IT Contract and Data Protection Officer (DPO)


Bryj Website

Solidarité avec les soignants


Solidarité avec les Soignants brings together a team of volunteers with the objective to compensate for the shortcomings in medical equipments, in addition to official bodies, in the health crisis context.

Mission: Website compliance with GDPR and guidance on all legal matters


Association Solidarité avec les soignants website 

Fragmos Chain


Fragmos Chain is the European leader in new generation management of complex financial products. Based on the Blockchain technology, they simplify and fully automate the processes between banks and financial institutions.

Mission: blockchain contracts, GDPR compliance

Fragmos Chain website

Ecocert Group

With 30 years of expertise, the Ecocert Group currently supports numerous stakeholders in over 130 countries in the deployment and enhancement of environmental and societal best practices through certification, consulting, and training.Mission: Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Ecocert Website

With 30 years of expertise, the Ecocert Group currently supports numerous stakeholders in over 130 countries in the deployment and enhancement of environmental and societal best practices through certification, consulting, and training.

Mission: Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)



Elée is an independent consulting firm specializing in software license management and cloud expenditure. Mission:  Training for Elée clients on “Rights and Analysis of Usage – IT Contract Negotiation.”



Elée Website

Maison de Haute Couture

Mission: Compliance and GDPR


Nous ne communiquons l’identité de nos clients que si ceux-ci ont expressément donné leur accord.