2018-2023 GDPR Compliance Overview

GDPR Compliance Overview

This overview outlines key features of GDPR implementation, in the light of the landmark decisions of the French and European Regulators over the past 5 years. Its purpose is to assist you planning your GDPR project with a risk based approach, aligned with the regulatory authorities’ expectations.

Décideurs Leaders League 2023 Ranking

Décideurs Leaders League 2023 Ranking

Aurele IT is honored to make the Leaders League 2023 ranking as one of the Best Law Firms in Innovation, Technology and Telecoms, in the Data Protection Law category and IT, Software & Digital Projects category

Covid-19 and tech contracts

IT contracts are often high-stakes contracts. As a result of the global pandemic, some companies may no longer be able to fulfill them. What is the impact of Covid-19 on current IT contracts?